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Calluses and corns make your feet hard, unattractive, and may even hurt. Dr. Neil Zwiebel, caring podiatrist at Park East Podiatry in New York, New York, takes care of your corns and calluses with a relaxing medical pedicure. If you want to pamper your feet and you live or work in the New York City area, call up the friendly Park East Podiatry team or book a consultation with Dr. Zwiebel online.

Park East Podiatry offers the most advanced, most effective Calluses treatments in Manhattan
and throughout NYC. Call us today at 212-207-4360.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What’s a callus?
A callus is an area of your skin that has thickened and hardened in an attempt to protect itself from pressure or friction. The outer skin of a callus is actually composed of dead skin cells, which is why it has little to no sensation.
What’s a corn?
A corn is like a callus except it is smaller, round, and has a hard or soft center. Corns tend to develop on areas of your foot that don’t bear weight. Corns may be painful when you walk or when they’re pressed.
What are the symptoms of a callus?

You may have a callus if you have:

  • Hard, dry, thick area on your foot
  • Desensitized skin
  • Gray or yellow coloring
  • Bumpy and cracked skin
How do you get calluses and corns?
Walking barefoot, not wearing socks, and wearing footwear that’s too tight can cause calluses and corns. Anything that puts extra pressure on your foot — such as running, dancing, or sports — can create calluses and corns. Foot deformities, such as bunions or mallet toes, may change your gait and create the excessive pressure that causes calluses and corns.

Underlying conditions, such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and arthritis can raise your risk. If you have diabetes, you should inspect your calluses every day to be sure you don’t develop complications.

Occasionally, a misaligned foot bone or bone spur can cause a callus. If Dr. Zwiebel suspects a bone problem, he orders an X-ray.

How can I treat my calluses and corns?
Changing to more comfortable footwear and wearing socks can cut down on the friction that causes calluses and corns. You can also protect them with over-the-counter pads and inserts.
How do podiatrists treat calluses and corns?

Dr. Zwiebel and his team at Park East Podiatry treat calluses with soothing and softening medical pedicures. You soak your feet in a salicylic acid bath to soften your feet. Your podiatry specialist then gently pares off any corns and calluses. You can even have your toenails and cuticles trimmed. All instruments are sterilized.

After your medical pedicure, your feet are soft and comfortable again. Be sure to wear well-fitting shoes and massage your feet regularly to reduce the risk of recurrent calluses.

When you’re ready for soft, beautiful feet again, call Park East Podiatry to set up a relaxing medical pedicure or book an appointment online.



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