At Park East Podiatry, Dr. Neil Zwiebel provides comprehensive care for the foot and ankle for all ages. We offer onsite x-rays for quick and accurate diagnosis. Services include family foot care and evaluation and treatment for skin and nail conditions of the foot, sports medicine of the foot and ankle, injuries of the foot and ankle, and corrective surgery of the foot. We also provide laser treatment of toenails, laser treatment for warts, cyrotherapy of warts, and Epat® (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Treatment) for the treatment of heel pain (plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendonitis and other painful conditions of the foot.

We are also proud of our Custom Foot Orthotics. With our partnership with Northwest Podiatry Laboratory we are able to produce credit card thin orthotics made from a proprietary carbon fiber material that has the ability to bend and flex while maintaining and never losing their shape. These are the ultimate in premium custom foot orthotic.

Conditions We Treat: 

Treatments Provided: