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How Our Orthotics Reduce Foot Pain

You take 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day. No wonder your feet hurt! Our orthotics are built with aerospace materials to help restore your natural balance while reducing or eliminating pain. Custom foot orthotics are taken from a special mold of the foot to capture the arch in it's natural or neutral state.  We exclusively use Northwest Podiatric Laboratory as our orthotic manufacturer.  They produce orthotics of the highest quality from proprietary materials that are credit card thin yet maintain rigid control and flexibility 


COMFORT. Prescription orthotics can reduce or eliminate pain. This x-ray demonstrates how a properly fit, hand crafted orthotic cradles your foot to restore your natural balance, gait and posture.

ATHLETIC INJURIES. JOINT PAIN. RUNNER'S KNEE. SHIN SPLINTS AND ANKLE PAIN are usually caused or aggravated by excessive use of an unstable or collapsing arch. Orthotics realign and stabilize the arch for proper gait and balance.

PAIN IN THE BALL OF THE FOOT (FOREFOOT PAIN OR METATARSALGIA). When you walk or run. your feet must bear several times your body weight. These symptoms are the result of instability during these weight bearing activities. Foot orthotics realign and stabilize the foot, and restore your natural balance.

HEEL PAIN (HEEL SPUR SYNDROME). Heel pain is frequently associated with a sharp pain in the arch (plantar fasciitis). This syndrome is related to lack of shock absorption at the moment your heel hits the ground and the excessive lengthening and stretching of your foot during weight bearing activities. Orthotics activate the body's natural shock absorbing mechanism and simultaneously shorten and stabilize the foot.

COLLAPSED ARCHES (PRONATION). This is the cause of many problems - from general pain and fatigue to bunions, callouses and hammertoes. Orthotics help realign the foot to help relieve these chronic symptoms.